''It was 2008 when I took my first steps in jewelry design, as a self-taught. It took four years. And then everything took shape and identity. In 2012 I officially founded MEG Jewels®.



From an idea of a slow design, a small-scale production that respects quality and artisan principles.

Everything takes shape through needle and thread, weaving of Italian yarns and premium crystals. All pieces are hand-sewn in the creative Lab of our Atelier in Olbia. We use materials free from nickel and toxic dyes. We are committed to sustainability towards people and the planet.



To tell your stories, accompanying you in your most important moments fills our hearts with joy. After more than 10 years, the emotion is the same as on the first day. 

Each yarn, a story. ''


Eleonora Cattrocci
Founder and Creative Designer

MEG Jewels®





Official Atelier

Here you can buy the items ready for delivery or order a personalized jewel on commission. We are in via Porto Romano 47 in Olbia (SS). Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9.30 / 12.30 and Saturday 10 / 12.30.




The official designs of MEG Jewels® are registered on blockchain with certificate of ownership and authenticity NFTEvery single piece has a serial number.