MEG Jewels - Italian Embroidered Jewelry - is born in 2012 in Olbia, Sardinia, Italy. With the Official Atelier in the historic center of the city, MEG Jewels® is the project of the Founder and Creative Designer of handcrafted jewels Eleonora Cattrocci. Her art is made of fine fabrics and carefully selected materials - unique pieces, handsewn and made entirely by hand.



They are weaves of Italian yarns that combine premium crystals, stones and silver, and give life to earrings, necklaces and accessories that are never just jewels, but pieces of art that tell a story: it is the story of who created them and who will wear them. MEG Jewels® are handcratfed Made in Italy jewels and accessories.

Offical designs MEG Jewels® are registered on blockchain with certificate of property and authenticity. Discover more about our NFT